Instructions on How to Disappear (2016)


Table of Contents:

  • Bargains
  • Stations
  • This Side of the Looking Glass
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Hunger
  • Capture
  • Honesty Hour
  • The Nameless Ones
  • August Moon
  • Eyes as Wide as the Sky
  • Instructions on How to Disappear


A quick FAQ on purchasing my first collection of short stories, “Instructions on How to Disappear: Stories” and other stuff that might be of interest to you.

1. Where can I buy the book? How much is it?
The book is priced at P250 SRP. You can purchase it directly from the fantastic people at Visprint by emailing

2. Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, not right now because it’s too expensive. But if you really, really want a copy, please let me know and I’ll see what kind of arrangement we can make. I’m also not sure if I can do digital/ebook arrangements at this point. But it’s in my head! I promise!

3. Will there be a book launch?
I wrote about it HERE. It was amazing!

4. Will you sign my book?
Yes, of course! I need to brush up on my fancypants signature though.

5. Can you give me a free copy of your book?
I think Wil Wheaton has the perfect response for this: “Writers and bloggers: if you write something that an editor thinks is worth being published, you are worth being paid for it. Period.”

6. Do you do book readings/discussion/tours/appearances/whatever?
Yes, I would love to do that! However, because I’m also a teacher, we need to deal with my schedule. But drop me a line and let’s talk. Also, if you do decide to recommend my stories or the collection in class, I really appreciate it, but please tell your students that I won’t write their homework for them.

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